About us

Our handmade paper production workshop was established in 2019 as part of a European project APPLAUSE. Within the APPLAUSE we, together with the project partners, looked into the possibilities of everyday and applicable use of invasive alien plant species biomass, which we further developed under the name PAPLAB after the 2019 project came to a close.

PAPLAB (i.e. PAP-er LAB-oratory) has thus preserved the tradition of handmade paper production combined with contemporary and applicable design and sustainable approaches in terms of material choice and their use.

Our mission is to build a sustainable society that contributes to healthier local environment, heritage preservation and responsible consumerism by offering products made from natural and sustainable materials.

Our values are respect, cooperation and creativity.

Our vision is to become a good practice example in the international environment and set an example for other European capitals in the field of invasive alien plant species management.