Accessibility statement

An accessibility statement refers to the website governed by JP VOKA SNAGA, d.o.o.

Our website follows the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0., and reaches level AA conformance.

Level of conformance

The website paplab functions in accordance with Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act.

A set of accessibility services

The website enables:

colour contrast choice

font choice

Navigation on the website with a keyboard.

The website has an understandable and consistent structure and navigation. The HTML code of the website is clear and follows the requirements of different devices. The page can be magnified by 200 % with no loss of information. The links on the page are recognisable.

With a few exceptions, the contracts on the page are suitable. The text is rarely shown on a photograph or other image.

All visual imagery can be equipped with an  alternative text.

Website forms are accessible.

With a few exceptions, the website is optimised for e-readers.

The website has a table of contents. strives for a fully effective functionality of their portal, including accessibility services on all news browsers. Google Chrome is recommended for the best browsing experience.


If you wish to inform us on anything or you have a question content wise, write as at paplab© or call us on 01 477 97 59 or 01 477 97 86.


Information society inspector conducts inspection.

Address (Ministry of Public Administration,  Administration for information security, Information  society inspector):

Ministrstvo za javno upravo

Uprava za informacijsko varnost

Inšpekcija za informacijsko družbo

Tržaška cesta 21

1000 Ljubljana

Data of Accessibility Statement: 24 November 2020.

Last update of Accessibility Statement: 17 December2020