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Create, recycle and make your own paper!

Is there old newspaper, any paper drawn or scribbled on lying around that you are about to discard in a paper bin?

First, you need to tear newspaper into smaller pieces, following the instructions “how to make paper at home”. Alternatively, you might as well use a paper brick from Japanese knotweed invasive plant, which has been removed to let native plants to grow. A wooden frame sieve is a sustainable product to be used for a long time. It can be bought at various formats: A4, A3 and A5.

The following base material types might be used to produce a handmade paper.

  • Japanese knotweed paper brick
  • Drawn or scribbled on paper
  • Old newspaper
  • Other materials containing fibre.

Our workshop participant Klara shared a set of New Year cards made from a paper brick. According to her, she ran out of a paper brick quickly, so she made some greeting cards from old newspaper, while the spruce trees on the cards are made of old textiles.


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