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Projekt Applause


»No waste« philosophy

The APPLAUSE project addressed the unsolved issue of handling invasive alien plants in terms of circular economy and “no waste” philosophy. It emerged with the help of 11 project partners who with their specific knowledge contributed to developing a vast range of solutions on how to recycle and (re)use discarded invasive alien plants.

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The main achievements of the project were to raise awareness and cooperate with locals in terms of recognising, collecting and using invasive alien plants for various purposes in different fields of life. For example, a development of new tools for recognising and surveying locations of invasive alien plants with the ortho-photo analysis and satellite images and establishment of a public information platform to determine and monitor invasive alien plants. In addition, an introduction of new, unconventional procedures and techniques to produce paper from invasive alien plants – such as use of enzymes, paper and wood scraps. Moreover, a suitability analysis which enabled a development of a procedure to employ invasive alien plants as a source material to create paper and wooden products, food, natural pigments and hybrid coats as well as powders to control organism harmful to plants. Finally, establishment of a circular economy model in Ljubljana, where all source materials in the process circulate and all waste is nullified as it is used as a starting material in other processes.

The APPLAUSE project was initiated by Urban Innovative Action and was partially financed by European Regional Development Fund. It was active from 1st November 2017 to 31st December 2020.

For more details, click https://www.ljubljana.si/sl/moja-ljubljana/applause/.


The sustainable products and service of the APPLAUSE project benefit both the economy and society since they serve as an innovative example of sustainable invasive alien plants management. To produce a suitable product of this kind, invasive alien plant biomass is used, which is, instead of simply being discarded for composting or incineration, given an added value. The wooden products are made in a way that raises awareness about “green” alternatives in preserving local cultural heritage.

The handmade paper and paper products indirectly raise cultural awareness in terms of understanding the problem of invasive alien plant species, recognising and knowing  various means of using these plants, while, at the same time, supporting the “DIY” culture and “no waste” philosophy.

The process of making wooden letters for letterpress relief printing contributes to preserving knowledge in typography, graphic design and design education. A woodcraft and handmade paper production workshops have been set up. Both also try getting a message across on how to handle invasive alien plants in our environment, while the handmade paper production workshop helps keeping the papermaking tradition in Slovenia alive.

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All the PAPLAB workshop products are unique as they are produced locally and are the result of collaboration of experts from various fields of expertise. The development and production of such items opens new green working positions as wells.

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The paper products are crafted with the help of almost a hundred-year old machines (despite the handicraft some machines are still essential) from the paper factory Vevče. These machines have been purchased from the factory and an old craft has been awoken and further reinvented by designing innovative products.

Ikona naravno

Made from natural materials

A more aware consumer is cognizant of an impact that production processes might have on our health and environment. As a result, there is an increase in demand for products made from natural and renewable materials.

Ikona okolju prijazno

Healthy and environmentally friendly

By only removing and properly discarding invasive alien plants, we already contribute to maintaining biotic diversity in our environment. Furthermore, the process of production and use of these sustainable products never influence people’s heath or environment negatively during any stage of their life cycle.

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The purchase or use of sustainable products or services from the APPLAUSE project present a more responsible alternative compared to a conventional offer on the market. A customer of an APPLAUSE product is willing to pay more as they are aware and appreciate the added social value that such product possesses apart from its obvious use.



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