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Workshop on handmade paper production

Roll up your sleeves and produce your own paper

Handmade paper production workshop

Otroci na delavnici skupaj z mojstrico Majo ročno izdelujejo papir

Do you know how paper is produced?

Paper is our companion every step of the way. Since it was invented until the present day, it has strongly influenced the world we live in. Apart from its practical characteristics, it has an artistic value as it serves as a basis for one’s artistic expression and material for creating something exceptional.

Would you like to see a more than a 400-year old process of making paper with the paper factory Vevče machines?

Moreover, would you like to make your own first paper? Join us in handmade paper making workshops. Together we will produce your first paper sheet out of Japanese knotweed fibre. Even though this is an invasive alien plant harming the local environment, it is, when removed, reused and repurposed as a source material for paper production.

The workshop was set up as a part of the APPLAUSE project, which connects experts and City Municipality of Ljubljana community as a whole. One of our objectives is to address the issue of invasive alien plant species and their negative impact on the native flora. Paper and other products made from the invasive alien plants thus present an important step towards preserving diversity of native plant species.

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Primary and secondary school students, tourists, families, citizens and art studies students.


The purpose of this workshop is to get to know the traditional process of handmade paper production, to familiarize oneself with materials suitable for handmade papermaking and invasive alien plant species in terms of their sustainability and repurposing. Also, in a relaxed manner understand how circular economy works in practice.

The workshop content and level of difficulty is adapted to the age group of its participants.

The workshop location is accessible on foot, bicycle or by public transport.

Workshops dates

Due to the current epidemic situation, no dates are available for the time being.


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