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The privacy and cookie protection policy pertains to everyone who, in line with The General terms and conditions of website, considers themselves a user. The rules apply to the website as a whole, its subpages included.

An unregistered and registered user is any natural or legal person that uses or visits the

Website (henceforth: a user).

An unregistered and registered buyer is any natural or legal person, who, in line with The terms and conditions of the PAPLAB website, enters in any of the agreements, i.e. contracts (henceforth: a buyer).

Upon using the website, a user confirms that they agree with Privacy and cookie protection policy.



General information on personal data protection – GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)


The company JAVNO PODJETJE VODOVOD KANALIZACIJA SNAGA d.o.o., Vodovodna cesta 90, 1000 Ljubljana, VAT identification number SI64520463 (henceforth: JP VOKA SNAGA d.o.o.) is aware of the importance of personal data protection. Therefore, your data is handled in accordance with laws and regulations that govern personal data protection.


In line with the new arrangement brought by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European parliament and Council on the protection of natural person with regard to the processing of personal data and free movement of data, and repealing Regulation 95/46/ES (The General Protection Data Regulation) and Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1), JP VOKA SNAGA d.o.o., as a personal data operator is obliged to inform a user, should the latter wish that, on what personal data is processed on their website. Also, a user has the right access relevant data that enable them to be informed regarding their personal data use.

Personal data operator and contact information

This policy pertains to processing (using) any personal data by JP VOKA SNAGA (operator) that is conducted on behalf of the PAPLAB website.

Operator data:

JP VOKA SNAGA d.o.o., Vodovodna cesta 90, 1000 Ljubljana, VAT identification number SI64520463, company registration number 5046688.

The personal data processed by our company is as follows:

  • User’s personal information (name, surname, telephone number, e-mail, street (number), town/city, postcode, country);
  • User’s information on the website use (IP address, dates and times of their visits and websites visited or their URLs, time spent on an individual website, total time spent on it etc.);
  • User’s information needed to complete the contract and delivery of the purchased goods (an item, price, delivery address, delivery time, method of payment, date of payment, data on complaint, data on the invoice issued etc.)
  • Other information that is voluntarily shared by a user upon requesting a particular service that requires particular data.


A user’s personal data can be processed on the following legal bases:

  • Because we have a legitimate reason to understand our users and potential buyers’ wishes and we improve our website PAPLAB and online shop in terms of their usability and offer;
  • To directly communicate with our users and answer their enquires

A buyer’s personal data can be processed on the following legal bases:

  • When this is necessary to fulfil legal responsibilities on the seller’s behalf (e.g. issuing an invoice for the purchased goods)
  • When a buyer’s personal data processing is necessary to make and fulfil the contract between the seller and buyer or because a buyer requested an offer by the seller;
  • When a buyer agreed on their personal data processing for a particular processing purpose with the right to cancel this agreement;
  • When the seller has a legitimate interest to process personal data.

Purposes of personal data processing

The seller can use a buyer’s personal data for one of more purposes. These include:

– Communication regarding the seller’s service and responding to a buyer’s enquiry;

– Contract completion and fulfilling responsibilities pertaining to the contract;

– Enforcement of any legal claims and dispute solutions;

– Statistical analyses about selling goods and the PAPLAB website use;


The sellers stores basic personal data (name, surname, e-email, language, date of account set up, last visit, company, address, telephone, country)  during the time of the PAPLAB website functioning.

A buyer might change their personal data in module CHANGE COOKIE SEETINGS any time.

Data on issued invoices are stored for 10 years from their issue.



A Personal data transfer is voluntary. You are not obliged to transfer or share your personal data. However, in case of not doing so, you are unable to make a contract with us, the seller (since the data is needed to process your purchase, issue an invoice and deliver your order). The necessary data to carry out an order is: name, surname, e-email, address, town/city, postcode and phone number.


A contractual processor, with whom the seller JAVNO PODJETJE VODOVOD KANALIZACIJA SNAGA d.o.o. has a written agreement, is allowed to process a buyer’s individual personal data. Based on the agreement, the processor performs tasks regarding data processing while always follows the regulations that pertain personal data protection and processing.

The contractual processors to whom personal data is shared are:

  • Programming solution providers
  • Delivery services

The contractual processors may process one’s personal data only within the given guidelines and may not process any data for their own purpose. As a service provider, they are committed to confidentiality of your personal data.

The contractual processors do not share or forward any personal data to third countries (outside EU and UK, Canada and USA).


A buyer’s rights regarding their personal data are as follows:

From the seller they can at any time request:

  • Confirmation whether their personal data is processed;
  • Access to their personal data and the following information linked to it: purpose of processing, types of personal data, users and categories of users to whom personal data has been or will be disclosed, especially users in third countries or international organisations. Also, an estimated period of personal data storage, or, if possible, criteria used to determine that time; existence of automated decision-making, including with a profile creatio and reasons for this existence along with the meaning and consequence of such data processing for a user;
  • The personal data in the form determined by the seller (if the request is sent via an electronic means of communication and there are no other request, the copy is provided in an electronic form)
  • Inaccurate personal data correction;
  • Limitation of data processing when:
  • A buyer may dispute the accuracy of personal data, that is for the time that enables the seller to check the data accuracy;
  • Data processing is illegal and the seller contradicts erasure of personal data and demands limitation of their use instead
  • Personal data is no longer needed for the purposes of processing and the seller needs them to enforce, seek or defence of legal claims.
  • Erasure of personal data (the so called »right to be forgotten«) if the conditions of Article 17 of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are met, especially in cases when a buyer withdraws their consent for data processing.
  • Printout of personal data in a structured, generally used and machine-readable form with the stated right that the sellers forwards this data to another operator without our preventing to do so;
  • Cancellation of personal data use with the purpose of direct marketing, including an account set up;
  • That for a buyer the decision based only an automated processing, including an account set up, does not apply, if the requirements from Act 22 of General Data Protection Regulation;


  • The buyer’s right to appeal against the seller to Information commissioner office if they believe data processing violates General Data Protection Regulation.


All demands that pertain to the rights enforcement regarding personal data, might be sent in a written from to

For the purpose of a reliable identification in case of rights enforcement, the seller can require additional personal data from a buyer; however, a refusal to act further is possible only when a buyer cannot be identified with certainty.

Your request on enforcing rights on personal data has to be addressed right away and in a month after receiving your request.

Any change in personal data conditions will be published on this website.


The PAPLAB website ( uses cookies to function properly. With the current Cookie policy, we wish to equip our visitors with general information on cookies, their options regarding cookies and information on specific cookies used at our website by third parties with our approval.

The PAPLAB cookie policy is part of The Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy.


Cookies are small text files that are stored to your computer upon your website visit. The website uses cookies to recognise you upon your next visit and informs us about your activities on our website. Cookies, therefore, collect data on your website use and device you use to enter the site, i. e. your IP address, browser type and demographic data. In case that you access our website from another link, we also receive an URL address of another website.

There are several types of cookies. In terms of their life span (i. e. how long they are stored in your computer), we differ between »session or temporary« cookies and »permanent or stored« cookies.  Temporary cookies are stored only for the time of your visit and are automatically erased when you close your browser. In contrary, permanent cookies stay in your device after completing your browsing. They are stored in your device (computer, mobile phone) and are activated again when you access the website where the cookies have been formed.

The chart below puts forward all cookies that  get stored as you visit our website. Each cookie is equipped with a  type of data it collects and what purpose it serves.

Provider      Purpose          Process                Cookie type

This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and robots, which is used to make valid reports on website use.

Continuous         Marketing cookies

This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and robots.     Session   Marketing cookies

This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and robots.     Session   Marketing cookies

It is used by content network Clouldfare that recognizes trustworthy web traffic.

29 days         Essential cookies

Needed for the website shopping basket functioning     Until the session ends      Necessary cookies – basket

Needed for the website shopping basket to remember the selected items.

It enables that the website to suggest similar item to a buyer based on the shopping basket content.

Until the session ends         Necessary cookies – basket

It marks a country code based on a user’s IP address. It is used to determine the website language for a user.    1 day

It registers a unique identification number that determines a user’s device when they return to the website. This identification number is used for targeted advertising.     6 months   Marketing cookies

It registers a unique identification number that is used to generate statistical data on how a user uses a website.    2 years     Statistics tracking cookies

It is used by Google Analytics to lower the rate of requests for the website   1 day

Cookies for changing statistics

It registers a unique identification number that is used to generate statistical data on how a user uses a wellsite.       1day              Cookies for changing statistics

This cookie is used for functions and website services such as enabling a user to like, share and connect with our Facebook site via the PAPLAB website.       3 months

This cookie is used with a  purpose to advertise               90 days

This cookie is used to recognise browsers in terms of safety and integrity    2 years

This cookie is used to verify authentication of identities      90 days

This cookie is used to recognise a browser to improve friends’ suggestions      2 years

This cookie is used to optimize a website successfulness for advertisers   7 days

This cookie is used to recognise authentication of identities     90 days


In order to provide our users with the best experience in using our services, we, along with our own, use third party cookies, which altogether helps us optimise our website and analyse how the users use it.

In addition, the social media websites (Facebook, Instagram etc.) will store cookies if you are signed up to their service or not. Managing their cookies is governed by The terms and conditions the users receives upon registering at a particular social media.

The third party cookies that we use are as follows:


We use Google Analytics (analytical tool by Google) in order to follow the web traffic. It collects data such as: how often a user visits a website, which website they visit prior to visiting ours etc. Google Analytics collects only the IP address that is designated to you on the day of your visit and never your name all any other identification data. PAPLAB does not combine data collected by Google Analytics with data collected in other ways and does not use these to determine a visitor’s identity. Even though Google Analytics uses permanent cookies with the purpose of recognising you as the same entity at your next visit, the cookies are used by Google only. The following two documents determine Google’s right to use and forward data with the help of Google Analytics: Google Analytics Terms of Use and Google Privacy Policy. You can prevent Analytics to recognise you next time you visit the website by turning off the function of cookie use in your browser. The data obtained by Google Analytics is used solely for improving our website functioning. This data shall not be shared with third parties.


We use Google Ads (advertising tool by Google) to advertise at our website. The advertisements are displayed based on information that is saved in cookies stored to your computer by Google. Text files include data about your visit to our website, especially services that are detected duringthe last visits of our or other website due to specific recommendation for services. A cookie also includes a random nickname. If you visit our website in a particular period and check our service, Google might recognise you with the help of this nickname, however, it cannot attribute this data to you personally. Google or we will not merge this data with your personal data and will not forward your data to any third party. You can prevent sharing and using data on a cookie stored by Google by clicking, where you configure your settings. For more information on Google policy regarding privacy, click on and


We use Facebook pixel to improve the web traffic received by Facebook and to measure efficiency of advertisements and sponsorship announcements. In case you agree with third party cookies, Facebook pixel will store more cookies on your device. More information on Facebook Pixel is available at, and more on Facebook policy on privacy is available at the Cookie Policy.


The PAPLAB website users are given a chance to either accept or reject cookies. In case of rejecting cookies, this can lead to a website malfunction, excessive advertising and other issues.

If you consent to using cookies and later changing your mind, you will need to reset your decision by deleting cookies (the instruction on how to do that for your browser are available on the link below). After deletion, you will once be asked if you wish to accept cookies.


Should you wish to change a method of cookie use in a browser, including blocking and erasing, you can do that with changing settings in a browser. Most of the browsers enable you to accept or reject all cookies, accept only a particular type of cookies or alert you that a website wants to store a cookie. You can also simply erase cookies that are stored by a browser. If you change or erase a browser’s file containing cookies, or if you change or upgrade your browser or device, you will perhaps need to disable cookies again. The process of managing and erasing cookies might differ from browser to browser.  In case you need help, check your browser’s  customer support.

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer





By using our website, you also agree that our website stores necessary and unnecessary cookies on your device.


For additional information, we recommend visiting our website or

In case you want to contact us, send us an email at


The PAPLAB website reserves the right to change or complement Cookie Policy. It is your responsibility to get familiar with all changes. The data on the last Cookie Policy is included in the document. If you have any questions about potential changes, do not hesitate to contact us at

Our representative contact information

An authorised person on data protection is available at

General information on personal data protection is available here:


The Policy on data protection and cookie use at PAPLAB website will be complemented if necessary and you will be informed about that.

This Policy is published at and is valid as of 28 December 2020.