Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of the online shop PAPLAB, owned by JAVNO PODJETJE VODOVOD KANALIZACIJA SNAGA d.o.o (Water and waste management company), are culled in accordance with rules and regulations by the following institutions: Consumer protection Act, Code of obligations, Law on personal data. Also, by the E-commerce on the market and with recommendations by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the international code on e-commerce.

The general business conditions refer to the online shop functioning, a customer’s rights and obligations as well as business relations between the seller and a buyer. The latter is obliged to agree with the terms and conditions upon confirming an online order. With order confirmation, a buyer confirms to be familiar with the general conditions, personal data protection and legal notice

The online shop is opened 24/7. For various technical reasons the e-commerce via the online shop is sometimes not available. Therefore, the sellers reserves the right to temporarily or permanently limits or blocks the website accessibility. The seller takes no responsibility for the online shop not functioning due to a buyer’s inability to navigate their way in the shop, for any consequences of the website misuse, any non-functioning because of a network breakdown, blackout or other technical issues that might temporarily or over a longer time disrupt one’s shopping experience.

The online shop data – seller:

Vodovodna cesta 90, 1000 Ljubljana, represented by the head Krištof Mlakar (henceforth JP VOKA SNAGA)

TELEPHONE: 01 477 96 00

IBAN CODE: SI56 0292 2026 1630 723


Unregistered user: is a natural or legal person who without any registration visits the PAPLAB website and accepts (flash) cookies on it.
Unregistered buyer: is a natural or legal person who without any registration completes a purchase in the PAPLAB online shop.

Registered user: is a natural or legal person who completes the registration process in the PAPLAB online shop.
Registered buyer: is a natural or legal person who completes the registration process and purchase in the PAPLAB online shop.

Purchase agreement: is established when the PAPLAB online shop sends the first email confirming their order.

The personal data processor for the PAPLAB online shop is the DATA VALLIS d.o.o. company (Ulica Šercerjeve brigade 5, 2000 Maribor) who on behalf of PAPLAB processes data.

The personal data processor is JP VOKA SNAGA d.o.o. (Vodovodna cesta 90, Ljubljana), which determines (1) purposes for which personal data is processed, (2) tools for their processing; all in accordance with at the given time applicable law that also determines personal data protection and the General Data Protection Regulation.

The DATA VALLIS d.o.o. company (Ulica Šercerjeve brigade 5, 2000 Maribor) provides technological support in the PAPLAB online shop.

By completing a registration at https://paplab.si/, a user becomes a registered user of the PAPLAB online shop. To complete a registration, a user has to share their e-email address to which a password for registration is sent. If at any time a user wants to chance their e-mail or password, they may do so in their user profile. In addition, unregistered users and buyers who complete a fast purchase and do not register prior to their purchase are able to shop in the online shop alike.

Products and prices

All prices are in EUR (euros) and include the currently valid VAT. The price stated in the website is valid at the time of purchase, unless there is a discount or special offer clearly marked for a limited time.

The prices in the PAPLAB online shop are the same for registered and unregistered buyers.

Order and prices
The purchase agreement or contract between the website PAPLAB and a buyer is established when the first purchase confirmation e-mail is sent by the website to the buyer. At that moment, a buyer is committed to the price and other general terms and conditions pertaining to their purchase. A buyer is obliged to check the accuracy of data prior to sending their order.

The purchase agreement (t. i. the first e-mail on the order status) is saved in an electronic form in the PAPLAB website server or in the website administration and is available to buyers upon a written request.

Delivery options
Products are delivered to the following countries:

Delivery time

All orders are despatched 3 to 5 days at the latest from the order confirmation. All the orders marked with proforma payment are despatched when the seller receives funds on their BCA from the buyer. Some items are marked with a longer delivery time. This needs to be taken into consideration.

Payment methods

The PAPLAB website accepts the following payment methods:

– Debit and credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, BA Maestro,
– Proforma payment to JP VOKA SNAGA d.o.o. banking account (BCA)

After the delivery and payment, the PAPLAB website sends a buyer an invoice to their e-mail. The invoice contains all information about the price and other costs pertaining the purchase. In case of a personal collection at collection point, a buyer receives a printed invoice for all the purchased items.

It is clearly stated on the PAPLAB website that it is obligatory to issue an invoice and hand it to a buyer. A buyer receives and keeps the issued invoice in the form presented below:

Purchase process
Product selection:
On the https://paplab.si/trgovina a user chooses an item and clicks »add to a shopping basket«. The system informs them the item has successfully been added to their shopping basket. If a user wishes to complete their purchase, they click »Look in the shopping basket« link and the systems brings them to the shopping basket.

Removing an item from a shopping basket:

On the website https://paplab.si there is a shopping basket icon in the upper right corner. After clicking on it, a user sees all the items they have added to the basket while shopping. If a user wishes to remove some of the items, they simply click on the cross on the right side. If a user wants to add another item to their basket, they need to carry on with their shopping.

III. Shopping basket: In order to complete the order you need to fill in all the boxes.

Personal data: A user needs to share the requested contact information marked with a star (name, surname, e-mail, address and city, telephone number, postcode and country) – all needed to confirm and complete one’s order and delivery.

A form enables a buyer to create a user’s account so that their data will be saved at the next purchase.

Addresses: A user at the check-out follows the purchase steps, where the buyer’s (recipient’s) address is put down. The delivery address can be the same as the billing address or another one.

Delivery methods:
Delivery methods: a user can choose a delivery method.
Payment: a user may choose among different payment methods

– Debit and credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, BA Maestro,
– Proforma payment to JP VOKA SNAGA d.o.o. banking account (BCA)
– Payment upon delivery

Overview of an order: all the items added in the shopping basket during browsing are displayed in it. Their price, quantity, postage, VAT and the total cost are clearly stated in the shopping basket before the order is completed.

Order completion: A user might check the shared delivery data, chosen payment method and content of their shopping basket. A user confirms the order by clicking »Send order« and »I agree with Terms and conditions of the website«. If the order has been successfully completed, the text »We thank you for your order in the PAPLAB online shop« is displayed.

Informing on purchase
After the order, a user gets an e-mail that the order has been received.

The PAPLAB website is entitled to contact a buyer to check their personal data or to ensure the delivery accuracy via the telephone number provided by a buyer.

The purchase process for companies established in Slovenia is the same as for natural persons, with the difference that at the end of any purchase they enter their company’s name and their tax number.

Customer’s right to withdraw from a contract

With contracts made from afar (i. e. online), a buyer has the right to in 14 days inform the company via their email (paplab@vokasnaga.si) or other means of communication clearly state that they wish to withdraw from the contract without putting forward their reasons for their decision.

In 14 days at latest after a withdrawal notice, a buyer needs to return the purchased goods to the seller. The goods are to be returned to the following address: JP VOKA SNAGA, Vodovodna cesta 90, Ljubljana, 1000 Ljubljana. The only cost that a buyer withdrawing from the order carries is the direct cost of returning the goods/postage.
The returned product needs to be undamaged and in the same quantity, unless the article is broken, ruined, lost or the quantity is lowered without a buyer’s fault.

Upon returning the goods, a buyer also sends the invoice for the goods purchased, their personal data along with their personal banking account number for the payment to be made. The return of the payment will be carried out in 14 days after the goods are returned.


The general terms of withdrawal from the contact are the same for natural and legal persons.

The PAPLAB online shop uses adequate technological and organisational tools to protect the transfer and storage of personal data and payments.

Safe authorisations and credit card transactions are taken care for by the seller and BANKART d.o.o., a credit card payment provider. The payment and authorisation processing by credit cards is carried out at real time with a direct verification of data at banks. A buyer’s credit card data is not saved on the PAPLAB website server.

Personal data protection

More information on personal data protection is available at Statement on personal data protection.

Communication – receiving advertisement
The seller will contact a buyer via distance communication media only upon a buyer’s approval.

Electronic advertisements will:
– be clearly and unambiguously marked as advertisements;
– Have the sender clearly visible;
– Have clearly marked various discounts, promotions and specials offers, the same goes for the general conditions of participation;
– Have clearly described means of cancelling e-mails with advertisements.
– have PAPALB online shop will respect the buyer’s wish not to receive such emails.

Limits of liability

The PAPLAB online shop makes every effort in providing the accuracy of all data published.

Exclusion of liability

The sellers reserves the right to block the website or disable access to it due to technical or other errors or due to maintenance, which might result in suspension of the website or disruption in its use.
In case of technical issues, we reserve the right to cancel orders that have been influenced by the technical error. Should such situation arise, the seller will as soon as possible inform the buyer about the order cancellation and inform them on further steps. It is vital that prior to accessing the website and using it, a buyer has installed the appropriate software protection (antivirus etc.) A buyer also needs to ensure safety and confidentiality of data that they use to navigate their way at the website (password, e-mail).

Complaints and disputes

The seller respects the current European legislation on consumer protection and makes every effort to fulfil their responsibility, t. i. establish an efficient system of handling complaints and determine who, in case such complaints arise, a buyer can turn to via telephone or e-mail to solve the issue.

A complaint has to be submitted via e-mail paplab@vokasnaga.si.


The process of handling complaints is confidential. Within 5 days, the seller confirms that they have received a complaint and shall inform a buyer as to how long will they examine a complaint and share information on the procedure of complaint handling.

The seller will do their outmost to resolve disputes by mutual agreement

Any dispute is resolved by mutual agreement. In case such agreement cannot be reached, a dispute is resolved at competent court in Ljubljana.

Settling consumer disputes out of court
In line with the law and norms, we do not consider any person(s) liable to resolve an out-of-court consumer disputes between the seller and buyer that the latter might initiate in accordance with the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act.
This stems from Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act, Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of The European Parliament and of the Council of 524/2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC.

Policy on personal data protection
More information on personal data protection are available in Declaration on the protection of personal data.

Legal notice
The content on the PAPLAB website belongs to JP VOKA SNAGA and their business partners and could be used in non-commercial purposes with copyright warning being clearly stated. The content, therefore, cannot be copied, reproduced or distributed without JP VOGA SNAGA’s approval.

JP VOKA SNAGA takes no responsibility for accuracy and reliability of all information published. It, furthermore, takes no responsibility for potential consequences stemming from using information published on this website or inability to shop due to a temporary shutdown.

JP VOKA SNAGA reserves the right to change the content daily, to correct the wrong pricing and text. A buyer agrees to accept the above-mentioned general conditions accepts prior to using the website.

All the information disclosed and positions taken are purely the ones of the authors’. The UAI initiative takes no responsibility for them or their use.

The general business conditions are valid from the date (see below) published on the website.

Date: Ljubljana, 28th December 2020